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FLASH (from Adobe; formerly Macromedia)

Flash Fundamentals Guide


SQLcomponent.fla [Right-click and save]

Kong.fla [Right-click and save original .fla file to your computer...requires Flash MX]

Kong.swf [Click to open .swf example in new window...Note: click on Flash file to activate window and controls]

Other helpful resources/links

www.FlashKit.com - Loads of stuff including tutorials, cool examples and sites-of-the-week, products, jobs, etc,

www.adobe.com - The maker of this wonderful program also includes a site with tutorials, updates, newgroups, etc.

FLASH macromedia Yahoo! Group - A moderated e-mail discussion group specifically for Flash users who want to build their knowledge and skills to the professional level. This list is a fantastic learning and testing resource. It is comprised of a talented and friendly community of worldwide Flash users who enjoy helping and learning from each other. Many of the resources on this page are from list members. The searchable archive allows you to find instant answers to many of your questions- or you can post them on the list.

For Flash MX, I have currently been doing online tutorials found at the Adobe site or at www.FlashKit.com. As soon as I use some MX books, I will let you know.

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